We Know Benefits!

At B3PA, we believe in making your families’ health our top priority. As any family can tell you, medical expenses can put stress on any financial situation. Whether is it a recurring, high-cost prescription or an unexpected medical procedure, having the funds to pay for these situations is stressful to everyone.

However, with the right tools on hand, these expenses can become just another part of our daily lives and help us to remember the value of good health. B3PA has all of the tools you need to feel content with the steps taken to prepare for the unknown.We envision a world where benefits administration is easy and helps you avoid financial stress and worry. That’s why we work hard to offer a reliable, hassle-free third-party benefits administration service. With over a decade of experience, our team of experts knows the ins and outs of all things FSA, HSA, HRA, and COBRA. B3PA is powered by HR Service, Inc. – a trusted organization that has been providing HR solutions and compliance services since 2004. We also offer commuter benefits as well as non-discrimination testing. We are a 100% full service provider. 

Health insurance investing is an exciting prospect for investors. It allows a great deal of control over the business. And it is a fairly safe investment.  We aim for highly attentive service.  This means that claims are processed and finalized in shorter periods of time, questions are handled promptly, and plans can be adapted as the wants and needs of the client workforce change.   This latter flexibility is especially important for cost-containment and to adjust to the hundreds of legislative and regulatory changes and federal mandated benefits Uncle Sam imposes each year. 

Meet Tym Gilbertson - Director of B3PA

Tym has worked over 12 years administering benefit program for organizations across the country with several competing firms with expertise in HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, COBRA, and 5500 Reporting. Tym oversees all benefit administration functions for our sister company, B3PA, LLC, which stands for Benefits Third Party Administrator.

Tym has a BA in Business Management and an Administrative Assistant Certificate from BYU Idaho. Tym enjoys volunteering with several Non-profit organizations like the Humane Society of Utah and St Andrew’s food bank.

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