Why a Mobile Healthcare Application is important in today's society.

Health is one of the most frequently searched topics via smartphone. A Pew Research Center survey that looked at differences in what we seek for using our phones, tablets, and computers found that 62 percent of Americans have looked for health information using their phone. This is an even more significant percentage than those who say they have used their phones to do online banking, look at real estate, or search for jobs.  

Fully integrated mobile experiences also create a more personalized way for consumers to engage with a plan through features like fingerprint login, in-app messaging, and real-time access to expenses and account information.  

Studies show that engaged people more often have the knowledge, skills, and willingness to manage their health and to take action on their health providers’ recommendations. As healthcare transactions move to mobile, the key for employers will be to design their native app around the qualities that Americans already love about their smartphones – that they’re easy to use and continually engaging

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