Making Health Insurance Investments is an exciting prospect for investors. It allows a great deal of control over the business. And it is a fairly safe investment. Health care is a necessary service in America and in high demand. Investors get to have a direct say about many of the issues facing health insurance companies. Insurance companies set up their own pay structure to providers thus controlling their expenses. They also control what services are available to consumers. This control is a great asset to the investor since it can directly affect the success of the insurance company.

Consider using your Health Savings Account (HSA) to save for future out-of-pocket costs.

An HSA lets you set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified medical expenses if you’re eligible. The money you save and invest in your HSA also grows tax-free. As long as you use it for qualified medical expenses, you won’t owe taxes on it.

At age 65, you can no longer contribute to your HSA. But you can use any money you’ve saved in it to pay for health care costs (including Medicare premiums) tax-free.  After 65, you can also use HSA money for non-medical expenses without a penalty—you’ll just owe ordinary income tax, making this a great investment.

You can invest your HSA funds in an interest-bearing account as well.

use your HSA for telehealth remote expenses
contribute to your hsa through the july tax deadline

Interested in receiving a complimentary benefit compliance assessment?

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